About the Social Impact Festival


What is social impact?

We know this question can be confusing, and can even put people off trying to run social impact events in their communities – but at its heart, the answer is a simple invitation to do good in the world – to make a difference.


“Social impact is the intended or unintended effect of an ​activity (program, project, policy, action, change, etc.) on people, communities, and systems. We like to explore ways of maximising the positive impact that can be generated, and celebrate those who are already doing it. If you’re making a positive difference to people’s lives in any way, you’re making a positive social impact. It’s about working in ways that are equitable, sustainable, and healthy. It’s about doing good with and for your communities.”

Don’t get intimidated by ‘social impact’ or ‘changemaking’. It’s for everyone. 

The Centre for Social Impact UWA (CSI UWA) is a catalyst for positive social change, addressing society’s deep social problems and ensuring well-being for all.

As part of the UWA Business School, the Centre creates and delivers education that transforms, research that informs best practice, and public engagement that inspires and mobilises change makers. CSI UWA is part of a national collaboration with UNSW Australia and Swinburne University of Technology. Together, the three universities form the Centre for Social Impact, which takes a systems approach to developing innovative solutions to the biggest social challenges today, with a vision for a better Australia tomorrow. Read more about CSI UWA here.


What is the Centre for Social Impact?


What is the Social Impact Festival?

The Social Impact Festival is an open invitation to everyone to do good in a bigger and better way than ever before for the entire month of July.

It is clear we live in an age of disruption where social and environmental challenges are becoming increasingly complex, where the future looks more uncertain every day, and where the speed of change is growing ever faster. In the midst of this, we’re also aware we require better ways of working together, of being more agile in our organisations and networks, and of responding innovatively to solve the collective problems we face. To help us solve these challenges collectively, we have designed this festival for celebrating, connecting, inspiring, motivating, and co-creating a future that serves the wellbeing of all.

Our greatest hope is that incredible energy for social impact that we witness every year can spread throughout WA and reach people in all places and at all times, not just during July.


We want the Social Impact Festival to be a spark that lights the fires of social impact throughout this place, and we need to you to be a custodian of that fire and to keep it burning in your own community. This toolkit is intended to help you take your social impact inspiration and turn it into action.


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