About the Toolkit

Are you a...


Local government

wanting to highlight and ignite the good in your community?


Community group or network

wanting to amplify and accelerate the change you want to see?


Individual or group

that’s passionate about driving change in your local place?

This toolkit is a friend to guide the way.


Use whatever way it serves you, your work and your community. 


Over time we will be adding to this toolkit. There will be design principles, processes, templates, cheat sheets and more (to be added after the 2019 Social Impact Festival). 


We are all at different stages of our own change-making journey working in different areas of making a difference. This is how we make collective impact. To help you along the way, we have included the following: 



We know there’s no simple, step-by-step process to creating great social impact in your community. This toolkit invites you to start with the question, “What’s most needed in this place?” and will offer guidance, resources and examples that we hope you’ll find helpful along the way.



We want to help you do more of what you’re good at – bringing more good into the world.


Since 2015, we’ve been running the Social Impact Festival in WA and inviting amazing people like you to help us sow the seeds of impact in this place. We’ve created this toolkit to help you spark even more social impact in your own community. It’s for regions, local governments, organisations, community groups and individuals; if you want to start creating social impact in your place, hold your own social impact events or even your own festivals, this toolkit is for you.


As you go about creating more social impact in your community, we want this toolkit to inspire you, to guide you, and to be the voice that says “you can do it” when you need it most.


This year we have been learning how to embed our work in Cultural Protocol. We will be sharing some of our journey with you in the hope that it inspires you. We will be launching more of the toolkit post the 2019 festival so that we can share what we have learned.